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I am in the expansion phase also. I have had an invasion of ground ivy in one part of my yard. So I planned to use the permaculture technique of smothering with cardboard, and then building soil into a raised bed with a combination of finely ground pine bark mulch, cleanings from the rabbit pen, and shredded junk mail. This is also called lasagna gardening - if anyone cares to search it. My aim is to smother the ground ivy and get some new beds for vegetables.

I have previously used this method for winter gardening -- I use hoops made from electrical conduit covered with plastic sheets for starting lettuces, chard, and spinach in the early spring. It works very well. The rabbit manure does not need to be composted. I keep one end of the bed for adding kitchen scraps but they compost very rapidly in the soil. I do not have a compost pile. Its not needed for the permaculture style beds.
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