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Originally Posted by linrose View Post
Awesome response already, cool! I'm glad to hear some real honesty out there.

dapjwy, I like your differentiation between "extremist" and "purist". I'm going to have to think on that awhile. WG Admin, way brave to admit to a 2, but I see you're motivated, who would'nt be in this fine company? gnomenative, I'd put you above a 7, more like an 8 or 9. Perhaps even an 11 given you've done rescues and that puts you above and beyond the call, foundation plantings aside. I have Japanese maples in my foundation planting when we bought the place. Would it be right to cut them down just because they are not native? I don't think so.

OOH, can't wait for more responses!
linrose, let me know what you come up with after thinking on that for a bit. I'd like to believe there is some kind of a difference between a purist and extremist.

The funny thing is, on another thread a while back, I found myself feeling a bit defensive because I realized that I was not doing things "the right way". My main concern was that I'd brought plants from across the state to where I'm living now. They are native throughout the Mid-Atlantic states and, in some cases, beyond--however, they are not the local genotype. This got me thinking about how "extreme" I was going to take this. Based on those posts (that were getting us off topic), I started another thread to discuss local genotype, provenance, and the like; I think your approach is more accessible to discussing this topic. Thanks for starting it.

WG Admin...I'm not sure you should label yourself a 2 based on what you inherited by the previous home owner.

One issue actually is a Japanese maple that was planted by a previous owner--I really DO want to take it out. I'm thinking of posting it on Craigslist to have someone dig it up--but, I'd rather not encourage others to use non-natives.

<crossing my fingers> I hope I don't have to change my rating!
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