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Default Posting Photos from a Hosting Service

How to Post Photos from a Hosting Service, Your Web Site, Online Photo Album or Your Blog.

Although Wildlife Gardeners has a great feature that allows you to upload photos from your hard drive, there may be times when it is more convenient for you to upload a photo from your:

-Photo Hosting Service
-Your Web Site
-Your Online Photo Album
-Your Blog

The procedure outlined below allows you to upload photos to this forum from a place other than your hard drive. This means a photo could be uploaded (NOT linked) from your blog, your website, or photo hosting service.

Example: I use a photo hosting service with Google, Picasa Photo Albums. My online picture albums are "the best of my photo efforts," and all are very organized and easy to access. In fact my online photos are much more organized than the scattered files on my hard drive.

Steps to upload a photo from a photo hosting site, web album, blog, or your website:

NOTE: You are UPLOADING the photo NOT Linking it.

PART 1 - Obtain link for desired photo:
1. Go to area in your website/blog/hosting service where photo is located and view that specific photo in your browser.
2. Right click on the photo, and chose "copy link location."

PART 2 - Upload the photo from a link (instead of a hard drive)
1. Create or reply to a post in the Wildlife Gardners Forum.
2. Cick on go advanced.
3. Scroll down and click on "manage attachments" button.
4. Locate the field that says "upload file from URL"
5. Paste the URL (copied in PART 1) into the "upload file from URL" field.
6. Click on the "upload button"

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