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Default What did this damage?

I took a hike today in the Sutton State Forest in south central MA. It ended up being a little longer than planned as there are no reliable trail maps for this particular hunk of land and the topos are somewhat outdated. There was a point where I had to do some thinking to get back on familiar ground and it entailed an extra mile or two of hiking. I wasn't lost but, then again, I wasn't exactly found!
Anyway, at one point I was in an area where many small trees were damaged like the one in the picture. Most of the damage was within 3 or 4 feet of the ground but this particular damage occurred from 6 - 10 feet up. This doesn't look like tooth damage. It almost looks like hunks were ripped off but there were no large chunks on the ground, only small bits of wood, practically sawdust. Would anyone have an idea of who might do this. I'm thinking porcupine but I don't know why he would climb such a tree in order to eat it. Are the tops more tender and tasty?
I look forward to being educated.

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