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I once participated in a survey of Sumter National Forest, S.C. It wasn't coal land - which I have surveyed here in Tuscaloosa County, Al - but the land was severely eroded from agricultural practices. The Forester told us that the present surface was 20 ft below the original surface-below the normal subsoil level. The U.S. gov't had confiscated the land and they were trying to grow some trees on it to restore the soil. Most of the trees had died, and the land was turning into drifting sand dune.

I don't know if remediation of the South Carolina land was ever successful, but it was tragic to see land stripped so deep that nothing would grow.

I can't think of anything more destructive than to strip the surface of the land and remove all of the soil that has developed over several centuries. No animal - not even man - can live on land that has been destroyed in such a manner.
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