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Ahhhhhhh, same old same old... divide and conquer by allowing the issues to polarize so human being can be pitted up against human being by super charging emotions to really stoke those home fires and distract everybody. Mountaintop mining is NOT sustainable but look at our administration in action, Mineweb - ENERGY - Feds are now the real enemy in Appalachian coal wars "H.R. 1310, the Clean Water Protection Act, has been introduced in Congress. It is intended to add a definition of fill material to the Clean Water Act plus a statement that the definition does not include any pollutant discharges that replaces portions of U.S. waters with dry land or change the bottom elevation of a water body." See that... mining waste treatments systems aren't necessary... they don't need to be classified as waters. Soooo... put the mercury... thallium... chromium... cyanide... arsenic... lead... selenium... and who knows what else is in that coal sludge coal waste they're generating out of your mind, Journey Up Coal River ::: A project of Aurora Lights What ever happened to traditional mining methods if they need to get at coal while alternate energy sources are pursued???
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