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Too bad this idea isn't catching on but then again... there's no reason for it to catch on. Restaurant owners would have to be sold on the concept and that would have to include an incentive. I don't think that's going to happen since I don't know any being charged by the weight of what's being hauled off but by the dumpster... and the cost of a dumpster isn't outrageous enough to warrant investment in a more environmentally responsible way of dealing with food scraps. Let's face it, it's cheaper for them to let the trucks haul it off and they don't need to allocate any employee time to a composting system... which way do we think they'll go... to the curb with it. Now... if they were being charged based on the weight of the garbage being hauled off... then maybe they'd show some interest but... then somebody would have to be able to make money off of selling these. I think we'd need to show them how to use these systems to cut overhead before any of them will do what's right. Landfills are out of sight and out of mind to these people... what they don't see they don't let stand in the way of business as usual. I lived where they would leave your garbage on the curb if you were lazy and didn't separate out the recyclables. Getting stuck with garbage might motivate them but then that would require policy changes and they'd all start crying poor and how the evil environmentalists are trying to put them out of business.
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