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chickadee Nesting instincts.......

Nesting instincts.......-dscf0975.jpg
A place for birds
Nesting instincts.......-dscf6281.jpg
and creatures great
Nesting instincts.......-dscf0100.jpg
and small to rear their young.

We too are a nest.
A group of people fitting together.
We settle into this nest.
We fit one within the other.

To nestle is to lie close and snug.
It is a place we call home.

Some nests are built in the spring to rear young, others are built in the fall to prepare for Winter.
It is a place to feel safe and secure in none the less.....

Lets see the variety of nests and dens you have found
under logs, in the ground or while wandering around with your head up in the trees.
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A walk among the elusive Whitetail Deer
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