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Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
"I suspect most people that choose colored mulch either don't have much choice (big box stores) or really want the mulch to be a design element, however misguided the unnatural colors are."... There is another reason why the unnatural colors are chosen... I sent my husband out to buy 50 bags of hardwood chips. I specifically told him nothing dyed and to get plain old natural hardwood chips that would age to a gray naturally. He came home with 50 bags of Scott's black. Last thing I remember him saying when I asked why he bought dyed was something about how that was the only one they had 50 of and that they told him it would age to a natural gray. Could have been worse. Could have been cedar.

Next time I'm at my big box stores, I'll have to do some inventory and see what the make up of the selection is. I'm sure the profit margin is higher on the colored stuff since it is a "valued-added" product and it's all about profits.
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