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Pahinh Winh
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Hanh mitakuyapi / Hello my relatives. Up here, milkweed is on most counties' "noxious weeds" list. I protect it by having put everything in the name of the church I head, &/or leaning on my blessed Treaty Rights. But I don't have much land under protection, sad to say. I keep working on it, though. Often, such plants are put on the NW list because someone asks the Board to put it there & no one objects when the hearing is held. Notices are often buried in fine print in the middle of other stuff. Now, though, when they see me coming, they figure I'm there to get something delisted. I'm one of those 'terroristic Indn grannies in tenny-mocassins'. I make it a point to sneak into the meetings so no one can look up objections ahead of time. Duwahleh! All this to protect what should already be a protected species. Just gotta do what we gotta do..
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