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In some of the reading I did ( a LOT of sites I visited , a lot of links I did not provide above . The links above were provided because they had ideas other than the " traditional ' brush pile ) at one site , some fellow in Texas I think was removing , burning off his brush piles because of undesireables that had taken up in them . In his case I think it was racoons that were bothering him . In any case some of the earlier reading I was doing it was hinted at that it was possible to customize piles . Arizona Native Plant Society and the Tucson Herpetological Society had gotten together some time ago and made a brochure called " Where do lizards lounge ? " For some reason there site is down at the moment there is a link for that , I will get it later . But they describe building rock piles in only passing terms , briefly mentioning inserting either clay or PVC pipe into the piles . I called someone at one of the Herp chapters to get recommendations on size of pipe desired and have not gotten a good answer yet . It seemed desired sizes depending on size of reptile . I suppose that could be so .

I know that rabbits are capable of going into four inch pipe and even three inch pipe so if one is looking to exclude those something smaller than three inch would be desired . That should eliminate most mammals other than rodents ( squirels ) . Some sizes of chicken wire pose threats for some snakes , I have personally had some snakes die in chicken wire . Hung up in it and could not get out of it . So in some cases that could be good or bad .

I will be building one or two more brush piles aiming at creating habitat primarily to ground birds , quail and the like and where I failed to find anyone incorporating chain link into a structure it makes sense to me . I have seen quail go through my fence so it stands to reason that they could pass through the fabric if it is buried in the pile . Where I live there is no one to complain of what I do .

In some of the reading I did in the links above the writing of underground dens made out of buckets such as I did with the owl habitat . Not limited to buckets , utility boxes crates most anything that would provide a cavity for a critter to explore . I thought that there were sound building techniques contained within . Suggestion of some sand placed at the base of rock piles etc to accomadate drainage in wet climes . There should be something of a habitat design to fit most anyones heres requirments . I thought the living brush pile idea interesting . Any here want to discuss pros and cons of some of the ideas at those links ?
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