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Way to go lonediver! We have rock piles for snakes. I haven't added any chain link fencing to the layering of a brush pile but it looks like a sound idea depending on which critters are using the brush pile. One of my brush piles does have some chicken wire in it for added support.

I have used chain link. A pair of Mallard ducks made a nest a few feet away from one of my brush piles. The eggs in that nest would have lasted all of a few days with the raccoons in the area and cats will kill ducks just like coyotes will kill them. We put a chain link dog fence around the entire area and trained motion detection flood lights on the enclosure. We had to contain the ducks to ensure their survival by placing sheet piling over the top of the enclosure. We were lucky in that no snakes took any eggs. The eggs all hatched and one day they wanted out. We let them out and they took off for the water where their chances of survival were best. We followed behind at a distance to make sure nothing interfered with them on their way to the water.
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