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Default More on brush piles .

I found myself doing some more research on the topic of brush piles , reviewing some of the posts on Thelorax's thread at ;

It seemed that there were people who lived in towns HOA's etc. where brush piles as were being discussed might not be allowed due to thier being unsightly or fire hazards , various reasons . For my part I was investigating the idea of attempting to make a exclusionary brush pile . Some websites made hints at designing brush piles that were customized somehow as to what it might attract .

Midwesternerr posted some pics at the above thread Of brush piles done by the Missouri Department of Conservation That illustrated vary well how the density of materials would favor as to wheter a fox or a snake would be inclined toward a brush pile .

I was curious if anyone had ever put chain link fencing into the layering of building a brush pile . Here on my own property , I have observed most of the birds here are capable of passing through the openings of chain link . If this were done , it would exclude a lot of possible predators of bird nests after eggs and young . Keeping out the likes of racoons , fox, skunks and the like . Rabbits are for me a nuisance here so I would desire to keep these out . I built bins for my firewood so as to keep rabbits from living there so creating habitat for them is something I wish to avoid . So would putting chain link in a brush pile make sense to others of you ?

Passing on some other things of interest I read of much of which I found of interest was making " piles " out of decorative block such as is used to make birms . Here is a number of sites that talked of " alternative " piles such as rock piles , living brush piles which were smaller trees that were partially cut through then bent down to the ground so as to be a non-flamable brush pile . Various underground dens , read through and see what you all think is viable . I think a lot of it was .
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