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Here's an example of a link.... for WildlfeGardeners:
This is the LINK: Wildlife Gardeners
This is the URL : ""

Links are the things you click on. The link above actually has a hidden road map (URL) underneath it that tells your browswer where to go when it gets clicked on.

Look in your web browser (usually at the top) and you will see a url for the current page you are viewing on the internet. URL's can sometimes be short, long, extremely long, and even filled with gobbledy gook characters.

Typing all those words and gobbeldy gook characters to get to a web site would be a pain in the butt, so often LINKS are created to represent all those strange looking words and characters. Links are basically shortcuts.

For example: Here's a link to a seed packet in the Seed Packet Forum for White Wood Aster divaricatus Seed Packet
Below are URL characters coded into the link for the White Wood Aster Seed Packet:
Can you imagine typing all that out just to get to a web page, or a photo or anything else viewable on the internet?
It would be very tedious. To make things easy, links are used instead.

Even better, links can be copied and pasted. Copying and pasting links is a really good thing or I'd get pretty tired fingers typing out all those long URL's that LINK to my seed packets. Links are nice to use because you can make a link in a post that references another post. If you make a link directing someone to another post, you are really making a handy shortcut.

Does this make it easier for you to understand? Still have questions?
Let me know.

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