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You're welcome! Just my opinion, but it's probably about what you do with them - you could sow them where you want them to grow, which would be an uphill battle with the squirrels and rabbitts for me here. And it might be hard to recognize what's a seedling and what's a weed...

Or, if you sow in pots or jugs, you could sow them close together and plan on separating the seedlings after a while, or you could sow them one-per-container... it just depends on what you do with them.

Not necessarily about this plant, but you never know how many seeds will germinate, and you might wish you had done something differently no matter what you tried! You could have every single seed sprout, or just a few...

That being said, I'd put them an inch or two apart or more, assuming they will germinate. Then you wouldn't have to divide them right away, they could grow for a few months like that.
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