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Unfortunately nature doesn’t always respond the way we’d like it to respond particularly when we humans repeatedly compromise entire ecosystems with our reckless behavior. In the case of the deer, the opposite of what was suggested is occurring. We're not seeing just twins any longer but triplets and even quadruplets.

Currently, it is stated deer take a greater toll on human life than the sum total of rattlesnakes, bears, sharks, and alligators and that’s without Proteinaceous infectious particles replicating to that which could be transmissible to humans. We’re talking about a prion here. Deer are the natural hosts. It isn’t a given that the species barrier will protect us from animal prion diseases. “Conversion of human prion protein by CWD-associated prions has been demonstrated in an in vitro cell-free experiment.” Looks as if somebody out there jumped the species barrier in a lab. This, is the stuff of nightmares. So I ask those who start posts that condemn those who attempt to educate and inform us to try hard to be tolerant of members who do risk posting comments that may be viewed as distasteful… it’s really about all of our children and our children’s children to some of us.

I very much want deer numbers reduced to that which can sustain their own health and ours and am always saddened when a Dept of Natural Resources or Conservation buckles to public outcry. For every action there is a reaction. We all make choices in our daily lives. For every choice there generally exists a reasonably foreseeable consequence. That DEC chose poorly when it shot down that program.
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