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Default Bowhunting deer: Panel proposal for nature

Bowhunting deer: Panel proposal for nature
By Greg Clary
The Journal News January 6, 2009
The region's record-high deer population is damaging forests and hurting the health of the animals themselves, according to a new Westchester County study.

So, what's the best way to bring the deer population under control?
More hunting on public land to reduce their numbers, the three-year analysis concludes.

"We don't want to eliminate the deer, but we want them to be a complementary part of the system," said County Executive Andrew Spano, who set up the 20-person panel. "People have to see the damage that is being done by the deer and that this is a necessity, not only for the deer-human interactions, but for the whole bio-system."

In some locations, sampling counts show deer herds are six or seven times as high as experts say is healthy for the animals.

The number of deer must be quickly and significantly lowered, according to the volunteer task force of environment and wildlife experts and municipal officials who conducted the study. The panel recommends expanding recreational bow-and-arrow hunting as the cheapest way to accomplish that goal.
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