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Originally Posted by amelanchier View Post
Well, I got it all done today! I chopped down every buckthorn and honeysuckle and girdled every Norway maple in that alley - and also put a good dent in the Solanum dulcamara population. In a neat twist, I found some patches of Bidens. In a disturbing twist, I found a large patch of Japanese knotweed - still young, however, and right next to the foundations of the businesses on the other side of the alley, so I think they will end up taking care of them.

No one showed up to help, but some showed up to talk. The problem in my neighborhood is that most people are elderly, and the rest seemingly have children. So either the time or the ability is lacking. The couple who own the house with the buckthorn in the garden showed up, and we had a nice chat. They didn't know what it was and had just moved in about 2 years ago. They're in their 80s, so I offered to come by and chop it down for them, which they were happy to have me do.
It's always good to hear of progress being made against invasive species.

It's unfortunate that you didn't get any help, but I have no doubt that you have raised the awareness about invasive species in your neighborhood. It's easy for me to imagine that some of your neighbors will see something in the news or in a newspaper in the future, and when they do they will be thinking "hey, that's what my neighbor was talking about ... He knows all about invasive species.". Just knowing that a neighbor cares about something raises the sensitivity to that something.

You've obviously done a good job of presenting your case if people are letting you come into their yards to remove some of their plants.
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