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Default Avatars, Placing a Picture by Your User Name

The small pictures that you see by many members User Names, on the left side of their posts, is called an Avatar.

To have an Avatar, you will first need to select the photo from your photo files that you want to use. It needs to be resized down to no more than 80 x 80 pixels. For information on down sizing photos, see this post:

To add an Avatar by your user name, click on the Control Panel button in the menu bar above. When you click on the control panel, you will get a menu on the left side of the screen. Click on Edit Avatar. This takes you to the Edit Avatar screen.
1. Select "Use Custom Avatar" in the Custom Avatar box.
2. Under Option 2, click on the Browse button.
3. The File Upload window will appear. Find the downsized photo that you want to use for your Avatar and click on it. Then click on the Open button.
4. The File Upload window will disappear and the photo file address will appear next to the Browse button. Click on The Save Changes button.

You're all set. Your Avatar will now appear under your User Name when you post to the forums.
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