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Default The Native Roses of North America

Part III


According to Dr. Weil, specialist in alternative medicine, rose hips contain large amounts of vitamin C, and also vitamins A, B-3, D, E, flavinoids, bioflavinoids, citric acid, fructose, malic acid, tannins and zinc. In traditional medicine rose hips were used for treating diarrhea and infections, especially bladder infections.
This is Dr. Weil's own recipe for rose hip tea A Preferred Source of Vitamin C?
Dr Weil's recipe for rose hip tea:
"To make rose-hip tea, wash the hips well, chop them up, cover them with cold water, bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Then, strain the tea and sweeten it if you like. "

Rose hips not only provide important nutrients for birds during the winter when there are few other sources of food, but they may have saved a nation. During World War II in England children were bused out to the hedgerows in the country to collect rose hips. According to my British friend, Kathy Bird, England is an island nation and during the German blockade we had nothing, she said. There were no oranges or any fruits that are normally imported from Europe and Spain, so we had to depend on what was available in our own country. The children were paid a small sum for the hips they collected. It was important that they knew they were making a contribution to the survival of the country. The hips were taken to the chemist in town, where they were made into syrup. Everybody used the syrup to keep them healthy.

Figure 4
Rosa carolina
. Rose Hips.

The Native Roses of North America-rose-hips.-rosa-carolina.jpg

Here is a collection of rose hip and rose petal recipes from sources on the internet.


Lets begin with a recipe for rose beads made from rose petals. This recipe is from Native Alaskan Carol Eads. Used with permission. Thanks, Carol.

You need to pull the petals from a good bunch of roses...make sure that they are not moldy...add then to a large pot and cover them with a equal mixture of rose water (obtained easily these days in most markets or try Asian or Indian market)...simmer them for several hours...add more rose water and simmer again until you get a black mush...take mixture and roll beads making sure to make them larger than the size you want as they will shrink by half and inserting a pin or string in each to create a hole. Allow them to dry thoroughly before using (you can speed drying by placing them in the oven at 200 degrees for several hours).
Here is a group of rose hip recipes from Gail Butler's "Gather Rose Hips for Health".

Rose Hip Recipes :
Rose Hip Tea
Rose Hip Syrup
Swedish Rose Hip Soup
Rose Hip Wine

Here is ethnobotantist, Kat Morgenstern's rose hip syrup recipe.
Sacred Earth - Foraging: Making Rosehip Syrup
Making rose hip syrup

Rose hips are used in ayurveda medicine. Here are ten examples.
10 Extraordinary Medicinal Uses for Rose Tea | HealthMad

A variety of uses for rose hips can be found here:
Cooking with Rose Hips - Rose Hips Recipes
How to Dry Rose Hips
Kodiak Rose Hip Tea
Rose Hip Apple Sauce
Rose Hip Candy
Rose Hip Crumble Pie
Rose Hip Jelly
Rose Hip Leather
Rose Hip Nut Bread
Rose Hip Pudding
Rose Hip Soup
Rose Hip Syrup

Debbie Jelen's rose hip recipes are at Fortune City.
Rose Water Toner for Dry Skin
Rose Omlet
Rose Beads
Rose Petal Jam
Rose Hip Jelly

Rose Beads
(Fortune City)
Pick a shopping bag full of fresh petals (old wild roses are best). Process in food grinder until resembles clay. Place ground petals in a cast-iron skillet or pot and regrind daily for 2 weeks (no kidding). The paste will become thicker every day until it can be rolled into smooth, hard beads. Roll beads until they are smooth and rounded. Place a hole through the bead with a pin and pin to a corkboard. (Finished beads will be around 1/2 the size of the fresh ones.) Let the beads dry for 2 weeks on the board. Remove the pins and polish each bead with flannel or a soft cloth. String beads into a necklace. As you wear the necklace, the beads will darken and polish and release their rosy fragrance. These beads are suppose to last for generations!

Here is Rosalee Dotson's rose hip syrup recipe.
Rose hip recipe: rose hip syrup

At HomesteadGarden - Growing and Harvesting Rose Hips there is a recipe for rose hip marmalade.

Rose hips have been used to make brandies and liquers. Here is a Danish recipe for Rose Hip Schnapps.
rose hip schnapps recipe

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