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Originally Posted by Staff View Post
Let it go Sage. There is no need to torment yourself over moose wart photos.

Tomorrow will be a new day. Our children are often times more computer savvy than we are. Let your son have a chance at helping you locate your photos. Chances are very good they are there and are recoverable.

There are recovery services. Do you back up your hard drive? That is another possible way to recover photos. There are many ways to recover photos. Don't make yourself sick over this. It's 9:30 at night. Your son may be in bed.
This child is 50! I gave him the Sony Vaio tower computer last month and his plan was to reformat the drive and use it for trying out programs. I hope he's been too busy to follow through! I guess he's catching a quick last-of-the-summer vacation before the kids are back in school. But he always says to use at least two different backup systems. That drive was the backup and the only one for that computer once the computer was gone. Hope to hear from him before Monday.

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