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You're talking to the one... the only... chain saw class flunky. I took the classes with a group of people that were signed up to volunteer in natural areas. At the end of the course everyone got a certificate of completion except for me. How embarrassing. I thought there had been a mistake. No mistake. No certificate for me... I flunked. They were real nice about it and let me come back for private lessons. No charge. I'm easily approaching the 10,000 mark for taking invasives down and you know something... I'm still afraid of my chainsaw. I'll tackle most trees in the 50-75' range depending on where they are but... anything beyond that and the "right chromosomes" have to come in and take over. I'm better suited to the smaller trees and multi stem formations. This is perfect for the guys since I'm alot smaller than them and can get into areas that are hard on their backs to clear. Teamwork. Probably 90% of what I've taken down is buckthorn. Buckthorns rarely go over 25'. My chainsaw has a safety. I lock it when I'm driving even the short distance and I keep it locked until I get to the plant I want to go to plant heaven. Bring your Makita with you and we'll go out with the "right chromosomes" on Saturday morning 9 to noon. They love us "Y's". They feed us too. Their wives cook good.
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