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"The adults are, well, less cute. Look kind of homely, actually." jpdenk> You callin' my thing homely? "it's very upsetting to see them clinging to their dead mother." I know... I know... Here's one for you to sit on,
Illinois, Northeast region (Glendale Heights)..... 708-626-7425
Carol Wroblewski, Wildlife Guardians Wildlife Species: raccoons, squirrels AND for you here is another one that has another location in Itasca that does accept opossums,
Illinois, Northeast region, Lake County (Barrington)..... 847-602-0628
Dawn Keller (Director), Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation WildlifeSpecies: All birds, mammals including white tailed deer, excluding skunks, bats AND my name and phone number will be in a private message to you.
havalotta> "Just wondering..............Is it legal to keep it as a pet if you can't find a home for him?" It's not legal to keep her. Not even if I couldn't find a home for her or if she wasn't able to be rehabilitated and released to the wild. The link CincyGarden found is right in my mind. Those are really good comments you found by the way... These are wild animals not pets. The "Thing" I have will be soft released somewhere in my county as soon as possible. No reason why she couldn't be released in 6-8 weeks. The sooner the better. And now for this morning a few photos from just before when I woke up the thing to feed her. Hi Ho Hi Ho... it's off to a rehabber she'll go around 11am!!! I'll try to get a few more photos before she goes.
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