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When I was in highschool, me and some friends got a "job" tearing down an old barn. The farmer shot a possum that was hanging around, and later we found several young ones, much larger than that, underneath the floor.

We drove them to the humane society, but they said they'd never tame and they wouldn't take them. Luckily, a volunteer there overheard, and sent us to a rehabber, but she didn't know if they tamed; she didn't plan on keeping them past viability.

So, if you take the first lady's word on it, no. Then again, she didn't seem so interested in helping. This page indicates the rehabber's mentality,

Our position also is that there is no such thing as a healthy pet possum.
Healthy domesticated possums can appear to be normal, but such opossums are not normal or natural and it should be questioned whether or not they are even truly healthy or domesticated.

They are CAPTIVE and most likely have, to some extent, developmental abnormalities that allow them to endure their unnatural captivity. A healthy normal opossum will not want to sit on a lap or live in a house.
People do have stranger pets, though, like my neighbor. The site above suggests checking local laws.

Good on you, Equil, for doing this. I don't know if I'd have it in me.
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