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She's young. Eyes might have opened yesterday since one is partially sealed in the corner and the other one is beginning to open. She was dehydrated. Skin was tenting. I know this is distasteful but if you find one they need to be pottied. I did her by wetting a paper towel with warm water and gently rubbing her rear end. The pee and poop will come out. I attached a photo of the pee that came out. I picked up enough supplies to carry me through until one of the five rehabbers comes through for me to take this opossum off my hands. Photo of the formula with some gerber rice flakes and a smidgen of unflavored apple sauce added and the 1cc syringe I used. These are very high maintenance. Opossums don't suckle like a skunk or raccoon. You almost have to use a syringe one or two drops at a time every hour AFTER they are heated up using a canine milk replacer. I think it's a real good idea if anyone finds one if they start dialing for a professional rehabber until they have exhausted everyone within a 100 mile radius before trying to do anything with them. These are best left to people who have the time and $$$ to care for them. Mine might not make it. She's terribly young and she was terribly cold and dehydrated and we have no wildlife vets in the area and all I could do was give her a few drops of pedialyte after she was heated up. I'm dependent on one of these wildlife rehabbers coming through for me.
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