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Default update

camera has been down since shortly after the baby hummer left for rehab.
they have continued to update the page there with info, tho (see below).
I think the adult female (Phoebe) is expected to build another nest in late October. If she does, we'll be able to see it live again.

Pungh0li0: June 25, 2009 The hummer rescuer called tonight. Jewel is doing very well. She still can't hover but she has been moved to a larger cage which she shares with an Anna's (gasp). Lisa thinks it will be a couple more weeks before release. We are going to visit next Friday. We'll take lots of pictures.
8 days ago

Pungh0li0: We had a lovely visit with Jewel at the bird rescuer's house. I even got to hold Jewel again. She can fly well for short periods but Lisa is going to give her more time to mature. Her cage-mate is a more mature Anna's and he pesters Jewel a lot so Lisa is going to put a different chick in with her.
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3 days ago

Pungh0li0: We were even given the honor of releasing a group of hummers that were in the large outdoor cage. Take a look:
(NOTE: these are other rehab hummers - NOT jewel)

YouTube - Hummingbird Release
3 days ago

I'm not a member of facebebook, but jewel and phoebe are...
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