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Initial thoughts were to buy chicken wire and fence them in to keep them from becoming a dietary supplement to cats and coyotes until I remembered there was an old nest out back and another one out front. I went looking for the old nest. I knew about where it was from seeing it over winter. It looked stable enough so I dropped them in one by one. She went to them. I've also moved nests with birds still in them. There has been intense flooding in this area in the past 10 years. There is so much buckthorn that birds are nesting in it. The buckthorns closest to to the river aren't mature. When the flood waters started coming in and they predicted a rise of another 3', I went and moved whole nests up above where the water would be. Some I moved up in the same tree and others I moved into new trees close by. Most of the birds would have been dead. The river rose 5' the year I did that. They are best left alone but sometimes the situation dictates then need to be relocated. The moms will find them.
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