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Default Growing Roses Organically

Not a difficult thing to do. I've been growing roses organically for many years. And I've made a few converts on the way. Using compost and good sanitary practices is key to getting great blooms, hips and lots of them.

When chosing roses to grow, it's important to do a bit of planning and research. Chose ones that are disease resistant and do well in your area. Check with your local rose society for advice on the best varities to grow in your area. It's also a good way to get acquainted with other rose growers and a great source of advice, cuttings etc as well.

Roses are really not that difficult to grow if you plan ahead. I love the hybid teas but have gotten away from growing many, as they do require a great deal of care and time I'm no longer willing to spend. I prefer the rugosas, antiques and moss roses. That's just a matter of personal taste. Looking through the latest rose catalog requires an extra measure of self control, because I want em all! LOL There is no such thing as too many rose bushes!!
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