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Morpho Butterfly 2 North American Butterfly Association

Anyone interested in butterflies should get to know the North American Butterfly Association:

The North American Butterfly Association (NABA) is, by far, the largest group of people in North America (Canada, United States, and Mexico) interested in butterflies. We are a membership-based not-for-profit organization working to increase public enjoyment and conservation of butterflies. We are working to save butterfly species throughout North America (recent grants have helped the endangered Schaus' Swallowtail in Florida and contributed to developing a long term survival plan for Monarchs) and developing educational programs about butterflies for schools and park rangers and naturalists. NABA has convinced the U.S. Army to conduct further studies before implementing a plan that would destroy the last known colony of Regal Fritillaries east of the Mississippi River.
Our publications are changing the way people view butterflies, teaching them how to find butterflies, how to identify them, how to create successful butterfly gardens, and how to photograph them. Your involvement with butterflies will help to bring beauty and satisfaction to your life.
If they have a chapter in your area, it's a great way to get started with butterflies.

They also have some excellent regional publications on butterflies that will help you get started with the butterflies in your area.
For many years, NABA has offered a set of butterfly gardening brochures written specifically for various regions of the United States. These regional brochures may be accessed by clicking on the yellow buttons on the map below. We are in the process of updating these brochures and converting them to regional butterfly gardening guides that will emphasize the use of native butterfly garden plants. The new, updated butterfly gardening guides will be posted on the map below, noted with a blue button, as they become available.
They have also started a Butterfly Gardening and Habitat Program:

There's even an opportunity to get your butterfly garden certified by the North American Butterfly Association:
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