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Default Mulch

Got to love the stuff! All kinds of mulch, great for warming the soil in the spring, reducing weed growth, retaining soil moisture and attractive to look at. What more could a gardener ask for?

I normally use as much mulch as I can get my hands on. Our local landfill provides it free to county residents, so we normally get several pickup loads over the season and "stash" it at the back of the property. That way I can use it when and where I need it. We also use shredded leaves, black and white newspaper and cardboard between our beds.

There are some many different types of mulch available.

I prefer the organic types, i.e. leaves, grasses, straw, etc., but there are also other types available depending on your needs and your location. Plastic, and rubber as well as gravel and rocks can also be used as mulching material.

And of course there's always "living" mulch. Using cover crops to help build and protect the soil as well as attacting beneficial insects is always a good thing.
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