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Default update - chick at rehab

Jewel is at an independent rehabber (one with many hummers).
she wasn't injured, but has issues with wing development.

she fell several times from nest over past few days. last time about 5:30 this morning (California time). She wouldn't stay in nest, her instincts were telling her it was time to fledge. Her wings were not ready.

link to photo of jewel on ground (taken by Pungh - cam owner):

compare wings to this other hummer - 4th and 5th pics.
same age (also taken by Pungh):
Hummingbird Photos

apparently this wing issue is occurring with a lot of hummers - as per rehabber.
(also - someone at ustream mentioned one of the redtails has a similar issue?- I haven't confirmed this.)

according to the cam owner Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center has a great rep, and she's in good hands.

not the best outcome, I'm afraid - but safer than on the ground and unable to fly.
It is unknown whether her wings will develop fully. Cam owner will be updating.

Phoebe (the mom) stays year round. Hopefully we'll see her nesting again in late October.
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