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Default Alien invasion requires fight

Alien invasion requires fight
Published: May 18, 2009 3:00 PM

Nanaimo News Bulletin - Alien invasion requires fight
excerpt from above:
Last year, customs officers at the Vancouver airport got a surprise when they checked the luggage of a woman returning from China. They found 70 live Shanghai hairy crabs!

Meanwhile, people in England seem reluctant to flush unwanted goldfish down the toilet. So they give them a new home in the Thames River.
Back in Vancouver, if you walk through Stanley Park this summer, youíll come across a pretty spot called Beaver Lake. Itís covered in water lilies and is home to red slider turtles and bullfrogs.

Whatís the common thread? Itís all about invasive alien species. These are plants and animals that end up in an environment where they werenít previously found Ė usually with help from humans Ė typically causing harm to the native species and ecosystems they interact with.
The tendency of man's nature to good is like the tendency of water to flow downwards.
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