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The painting on the glass was on the outside. Reverse painting is VERY difficult. The paints I used need to dry then you put them in the oven and heat it up and they are then permanent and dishwasher safe. I had fun but... that's a craft not an art. Underglazing is a little trickier but once you screw up about 10 you will get the hang of it. You're always shocked when the kiln is cooled down and you see pieces you thought for sure were keepers that are stick your finger in your mouth gag me. We had a pile out back where we would ceremoniously "retire" the gag me failures where color was all wrong or where it bled or didn't shade well. We tossed failures on the pile and watched them break. The failure pile was big. Now that I am more familiar with orchids, I would have done those pitchers entirely different and more natural looking. The ceramic pieces I liked the best were the more realistic pieces of wildlife like the dove. Not the cutsie ones but the ones where the animals were in natural habitats or natural poses. I have an eagle stein somewhere that turned out magnificent in my opinion. It was drybrushed after I had around 5 years of practice under my belt so it did turn out well. I hid it so good I don't know where it is. Thanks everyone. I prefer art to craft though. I'm no artist.
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