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'Noah's Garden' by Sara Stein
There was a wonderful picture of the terrace outside her home in 'Planting Noah's Garden' best completely native community (I think pine barrens) I have ever seen. Unfortunately she died a few years ago. I do not know if her wonderful gardens have survived.

sand dropseed has a good salt tolerance rating. At 1 to 3 ft usually smaller with less water I thought it a good choice. Sporobolus airoides got a much higher salt torerance rating but is not native to your area so I do not know about hardiness that far north. Plus it gets from 3 to 6 ft tall.
Table 1. Relative percent leaf firing (a measure of injury) under increasing salinity stress. Relative leaf firing indicates the change in leaf firing relative to control plants. Higher numbers indicate more injury.

Sporobolus airoides
NPIN: Sporobolus airoides (Alkali sacaton)
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