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Default Native Plants for Disturbed Sandy New England Roadsides?

My lawn is a weedy mess that I will be turning into flower beds over the years. One particularly challenging area intrigues me: a full-sun, shallow, sandy soil that gets baked dry on top of pure sand, and (on top of this) the snow-plow puts a ten-foot-plus deep pile of snow here every year (and churns up a good deal of the soil in the process.) This is in New England, by the way.

So, it’s a desert. Or a beach! I wouldn’t risk planting shrubs in the spot, because the plow will rip them up. I do plan on trying native grasses. In addition to this, I would like to develop a seed mix of native flowers that can be spread here.

If I can come up with a good mix, then I plan to give out these seed mixes as gifts, because hey, who wouldn’t like to grow some flowers in their messy post-snowplow roadside wastelands?

So, what natives might work in such a mix? I can only think of one so far: Nuttallanthus canadensis, blue toad flax.

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