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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
Why was Lorax naughty?
Do you raise the owls? Work professionaly?

I have raised quite a few owls myself. We have or should I say had a huge Birch tree the eagles used for years. When they left the nest the owls used it for their broods. Wind would knock them out every now and then. Some were already dead some alive. We took them into our warm home, added a heating pad and fed them LOTS of canned dogfood and night crawlers we picked........... All we had to do was tap their box and their big eyes would open, and their heads would eagerly try to outstretch each other for their goodies. It was fun watching. They eventually feathered out and we set them free. The neighborhood had a ball feeding them hotdogs and anything else they offered. Little by little they weaned themselves from us and left.
It's a long story,i found charlie in a collapsed barn,raised him,and now he lives in the "modified" loft out in my barn.He stayed by himself for 3yrs,then last fall he brought his girl home with him.I knew there was something going on in there,all the coming and going,Charlie didn't mind me taking but the lady was ferious.She didn't inflict anything to serious,just a few scratchs.Sorry Lorax,that is the only photo i could get,and i'm not about to attempt again.
I break for wild animals,i also shoot them,eat them,and wear there skins!

"Why test on animals when we have pedifiles in prison!!?
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