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Originally Posted by NEWisc View Post
The water in the video seems to be flowing, wasn't there a stream element to your water feature?

Should be fun this summer as the wildlife begins to accept your pond as a natural part of the landscape!

Are you thinking about adding any water plants?
Right now, I have the pump and recirculating part just sitting on the shallow end pouring into the deep end. I still have to dig out a stream and several pools for water to fall into on it's way to the larger pond. This is what I have been calling Phase III for years now. Phase IV is to create a wetland.

Here is the (ugly) temporary setup I have now.

At least the frogs don't seem to mind.

As for plants, last fall I got the native water lily...and I plan emergent plants (like arrowhead and pickerel rush, among others)...I would like some underwater natives, too. And some native fish.

My Pond in Winter-psx_20200112_182814.jpg

My Pond in Winter-psx_20200112_182637.jpg

My Pond in Winter-psx_20200112_182551.jpg

...and, yes, I am excited for wildlife to accept this more each year. They seem to have checked it out even when it was just a hole in the ground--if I find photos. I'll post some.
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