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I have wanted to add turks cap lily to our property for a long time, but I have put it off partly because it is deer candy. However, mid-spring, a friend offered me some (and many other natives from a display garden that needs to be removed). Not the best time to move them, but I did take some. Most I cut in half so they had less to support, but I left some in hopes they would bloom.

I put them in three different spots which I hoped would deter the deer. They got two out if the three.

As I watched the third spot (tucked between the deck, a dogwood tree, and several natives that the deer never seem to touch--cupplant), at one point, I thought the deer got up onto the deck and ate it. I was disappointed, but two days later, I was thrilled to see that it had just been knocked over by the wind and rain.

Finally, it is blooming for me. Not the best photos--had it grown in place and not fell over, it would be more photogenic. (I have it tied up with a twist-tie and wild cucumber vine.)
What's blooming now 2019-20190804_115510.jpg

What's blooming now 2019-20190804_115436.jpg

What's blooming now 2019-20190804_115402.jpg
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