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Default What's blooming now 2019

A continuation of this thread: .

My container jungle continues to grow outward and develop in its core. Most of the plants show some obvious signs of root constraint despite my efforts to punch lots of holes in the bottoms of pots and leave them undisturbed. However, the fringed yellow loosestrife is blooming luxuriantly:
What's blooming now 2019-fringed-loosestrifes.jpg

One purple-flowering raspberry bush is blooming. The others look quite large but are still not blooming and look unlikely to do so this year:
What's blooming now 2019-purple-flowering-raspberry.jpg

The swamp milkweeds germinated last year, grew tall, and hosted lots of monarch caterpillars, but did not bloom. This year, one of them is blooming a bit:
What's blooming now 2019-swamp-milkweed.jpg

And there's an itty-bitty tall meadow-rue that is blooming just a bit for the first time:
What's blooming now 2019-tall-meadow-rue-little.jpg

Some other things are now in bud and I hope to have some more pictures soon.

Most things in the garden are doing well considering the unfavorable circumstances, with the very sad exception of the Canada lilies. They germinated well this spring and I potted them up early. Despite my giving them every advantage, they all languished and gradually died for no apparent reason. Only one tiny seedling is left.

I've also had trouble germinating bloodroot, doll's eyes, and red baneberry. I expected trouble with the last two, but I recall bloodroot used to reseed pretty readily in the old Buffalo garden. Fortunately, we bought three mature bloodroots at the town plant sale this year, and at least two of the three seem to be doing well.
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