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Default Root Starter Using Honey


I took some honeysuckle plant clippings from a plant that grows wild at an outdoor camp that I work at. I am trying to use honey as a natural root starter. I applied the honey in two different ways based on a video I saw. First, I trimmed the leaves off about 7 inches from the stem from two separate plant clippings. I then scraped off a little of the outer bark from the bottom of the stem. I dipped both stems in honey. I planted one directly in soil and watered it. I placed the other one in a plastic pint container with a mixture of tap water and 1 teaspoon of honey.

The one in the water seems to be doing well. The leaves are still green. The other one in the soil, the leaves are drying out. I transferred it to a water/honey solution to see if I can salvage it. It seems that the water/honey solution is working well. How often should I change the water or add honey to the existing water?

Also, would it hurt to add a little liquid fertilizer (made from fish) to the water/honey mixture?
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