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Originally Posted by Gloria View Post
While the American burying beetle is now seen in a few more states it is only because of efforts made to protect and expand local populations. Without these protections the beetle would soon disappear in many developed areas.
Fixed a few mistakes in the opening post of this thread. I must have been tired.

Yes it is a pretty carrion beetle. The burying beetle is missing in so much of its range that these efforts to protect them are a continuing need, likely for a long time. We must try to influence gardeners and public lands to allow these beetles to thrive but that would take not immediately removing small mammal and bird bodies in areas out of sight to visitors and keeping pets away.. I'm not optimistic. If I knew of released burying beetles on or near our property I would try to help out but my first instinct is to bury the carcass and I think that would not help the beetle. So wild releases of raised beetles (like the zoo in Ohio was doing) in natural areas seem most beneficial and that means protections need to stand until enough areas have thriving populations of the burying beetle.
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