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Originally Posted by katjh View Post
I've been flipping/sifting my compost for the last few weeks (between rain showers and work, it's taking awhile). I have a Rubbermaid tote full of the most beautiful black gold. I sprinkle it around the garden beds. I'm always amazed at how my kitchen scraps and dried leaves, straw, etc can turn into this beautiful soil.
Right, such wonderful stuff coming from what most people are throwing away to go to a landfill.

May 5 Ė 11, 2019
International Compost Awareness Week.

We have these 32 gallon trash cans in which we drilled many, many, holes in the sides and bottom for aeration and drainage. Makes for great composters. I also use a big galvanized water trough that the bottom is rusting out for some yard waste to compost. The habitat gardens produce so much biomass it takes some doing to keep up with all of it.
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