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With all of the talk of vernal pools, the other day I was walking up a path in our wooded slope...and came to a spot where I have a bit of Japanese knotweed that I have yet to eradicate. Suddenly, it occurred to me that, perhaps, I could dig a deoresdin there, add a liner, fill it with woodsy soil and try to create a vernal pool--the liner would, hopefully, block any remaining roots of the knotweed from sending up shoots.

This spot is fairly close to my pond...and near where I want to create a wetland. I am not one-hundred percent sure about doing this, but I am hoping it could kill two birds with one stone.

Years ago, I thought about creating a vernal pool on the opposite end of the property in a spot where a pool would more likely form (if there were a water retaining depression there)...but I am intrigued about the possibility of using this spot..and finally ridding myself of the dreaded knotweed.
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