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Originally Posted by turttle View Post
Hi, dap! The one trick with a stream or waterfall in a deciduous forest is to get really good netting and put it up when the acorns start falling, here about 2-3 weeks before the leaves), and leave it on til all the leaves are down. The acorns are really high in nitrogen and cause way too much algae.

This is the first time I have had the pond and stream mucked out since I put it in around ten years ago. My fish and plants have been fine, but I decided it was time, and I am not physically able to do it myself. It is impressive how much muck is coming out.

Apparently the Ion-gen and other cooper devices are great in decorative ponds and waterfalls without fish and amphibians. There are enough anecdotes on line of them killing fish that I have decided not to put one in, though the pond guys want to do it ($700!). String algae is an aesthetic problem, not an ecological one.

I have been having health issues and haven’t been psyched to post, but will try to do so. I miss y’all!
This is a great example of the problem in back yard gardening in the modern age. Aesthetics usually trump prioritizing ecological balance. Good for you in your decision, Turttle. So sweet to see you posting; I was wondering what was happening on that beautiful property you have... Be well...
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