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Originally Posted by TwoGates View Post
Yes...I agree. Many people have studied/written about 'silent' communication within the plant world...

Last year I attended a wonderful lecture by Jane Maloof - The Living Forest author and Founder of the Old Growth Forest Network - speaking on the subject - as well, I've read much from Paul Stamets in regard to mycorrhizal associations, etc. I think it is a fascinating course of study and look forward to learning more!
Two Gates, I'm glad the subject resonates with you. There's all so much we have yet to learn about the species we share the planet with, and communication amongst the plant world holds a certain "alien" fascination for most who are exposed to it. As you continue your research, please post here anything you find particularly interesting or revealing. I'm confident your fascination with the topic will result in new revelations as you move forward in your investigations...

Thanks for your response
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