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Originally Posted by Helianthus View Post
My experience is very similar to yours. We bought our home, which is just outside of Washington, DC in 2011. It was all turf with a few crap boxwoods from Home Depot literally just dumped in holes for show. I've filled the yard now with hundreds of native plants that have naturalized and spread throughout. I've documented 72 species of birds in the yard along with foxes, flying squirrels, salamanders, and tons of amazing insects. If you build it/ plant it they will come! Learn how to grow your own native plants from seed, so you don't end up spending money needlessly. If you pick natives that are suited to your site and soil, they will spread and do all the work for you given time.
Wow! Your yard sounds beautiful. I don't think I will ever have foxes here. At least deer aren't an issue, though, so that's a plus. I don't have an official yard list, so I can't say how many species we have seen, but there is a lot of variety, especially during the migration seasons.
I grow natives from seed by winter sowing every year. I have about 50 varieties in flats in my back yard this year. We shall see what spring brings!
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