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Originally Posted by dapjwy View Post
Quite a few of us have been away too long--me included. Glad to see you back. I wish you success on your winter sowing. Nice assortment of natives for that setting.

I am late again this year--or, about average based on past years. I'm hoping I get my seeds sorted and sowed within the next two weeks.
I have also been away too long. I neglect this wonderful group far too often and for far too long. I'm always happy to check back in and always tell myself that I won't wait so long in between visits....and then I do it again.

I like to winter sow in November, before it gets too cold and "wintery" out there! I wait until I feel safe that temps are going to stay cold enough to prevent seeds from getting moldy. I set out the flats, cover them up and just wait for spring. If I had to do it in Jan or Feb, it probably wouldn't get done. I'm not a huge fan of being cold .
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