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Originally Posted by rhauser44 View Post
Iíve been away too long, As we begin the new year, i hope everyone is well. I really enjoy seeing everyoneís winter sowing strategies. My winter sowing success was spotty last year but I think it was due to the type of potting mix I used. This year my focus is establishing a ground cover layer below two maples in my front yard. Iíll be wintersowing or artificially stratifying wild ginger, assorted violets, phlox, and geraniums, etc. the Wild Ginger is the only seed I have to artificially start with warm-moist stratification. The rest will be winter-sown.

But like dapjwy, I havenít yet set out my seeds. Hopefully I can start this weekend. Most of my seeds have a short stratification period, so Iím still good.
Quite a few of us have been away too long--me included. Glad to see you back. I wish you success on your winter sowing. Nice assortment of natives for that setting.

I am late again this year--or, about average based on past years. I'm hoping I get my seeds sorted and sowed within the next two weeks.
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