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Originally Posted by skip1909 View Post
I got most of my seeds out for the winter! There are a few more to add but the majority are done. I have around 50 or 60 species too. Now just several months of waiting, staring out the window and plotting the demise of the invasive trees and vines around my lot.
I didn't think to use screen, is the screen sitting directly on the flats?
Yes, I put the screen directly on the flats. It's still above soil level. I don't have mine covered like you do, though. Mine are sitting directly on the ground, out in the yard. If I con't cover them with screen, I'll get all sorts of unwanted "volunteers" in them...and the critters will dig in them. If I had a little house like yours, I probably wouldn't use the screen.

And, yes, waiting for spring is even harder now that I've discovered winter sowing! I sit at my big picture window, gaze at the back yard, and dream about what I'm going to DO when winter is over .
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