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If you build it, they WILL come. At least, it has worked that way for me. Our home is in a city neighborhood. I am surrounded by Lawn Farmers (Chemlawns) on all sides. My yard, planted with trees, shrubs and perennials (mostly natives) attracts all kinds of birds. It may take awhile, but they will come. The biggest draws in my yard seem to be the mixed hedge along the property line and the water features. I have a small bird bath/pond that is dug into the ground (it's not much larger than a typical bird bath). I keep a mister going back there in the summer. I also have a pond with a pump to recirculate the water. That one is filled with rocks/stones to keep it shallow enough for birds. In the front yard, I have a regular bird bath, on a pedestal, with a dripper going. The sound of moving water is like a bird magnate in the warmer weather. I only fill my feeders in the winter. There is enough natural food during the rest of the year.
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